Dr Matara Gunapala

MATARA Research

Dr Matara Gunapala, PhD (RMIT), MLib (Monash), DipLib (London), BA (Hons)
is a researcher with following aspirations:

  • Contribute to human knowledge capital in the areas of performance and economic management in a fast-changing world, and
  • Mentor or supervise higher degree research students achieve their educational goals.


By Dr Matara Gunapala

Title: The complexities of change, leadership and technology in Australian university libraries

Author: Gunapala, Matara (PhD thesis). RMIT University.

Title: Managing Change in University Libraries in the 21st Century: An Australian Perspective

Authors: Gunapala, Matara; Montague, Alan; Reynolds, Sue; Vo-Tran, Huan. (2020).
Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association, 69 (2), 191–214.

Title: The leadership of the Australian university library at changing times.

Author: Gunapala, Matara (PhD)